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About Thai GACP

Thai GACP is a quality standard necessary to qualify your crop so that it is suitable for the medical sector. GACP stands for Good Agriculture and Collection Practice. This ensures that plants grown for medical use are clean and free of heavy metals and other contaminants. 

GACP Thailand sets out the guidelines to follow during Cannabis (and other medicinal plants) cultivation, with the simple goal of protecting patients and ensuring that product quality is not compromised through the use of standardized practices and procedures in cultivation processes.

Thai GACP is quite similar to EU-GACP and we recommend meeting EU-GACP standards to access the European market for your products. 

Why Use GACP Standards?

The new Cannabis & Hemp Act, B.E. 2567 reaffirms that Cannabis is a medicinal herb under the jurisdiction of the Thai FDA, as it has been since 2019, when Thailand approved the use of Cannabis for medical purposes.

The Thai FDA classified Cannabis as a specially controlled herb, under the purview of  the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTAM), which in turn is a part of the Ministry of Public Health. The standards and practices for Traditional and Alternative Medicine in Thailand are equivalent to those of modern medicine, therefore Cannabis and its derivatives are medicinal products. Only products containing low quantities of active ingredients are excluded from this classification (such as food/cosmetics).

Medical Cannabis Standards

According to the Cannabis & Hemp Act, 2024, Cannabis is defined as a specially controlled herb used for Traditional Medicine purposes. Being classified as a “medical” ingredient, Cannabis is subject to standards required for pharmaceutical ingredients. In case of natural products (herbs) the main standards are GACP for cultivation and GMP for process.

Therefore, all entrepreneurs growing Cannabis for medical purposes are, according to Cannabis & Hemp Act 2024, subject to GACP certification.

GACP Thailand for Cannabis Dispensaries

Is GACP necessary for the “commercial” recreational sale in Dispensaries? 

Yes, it is, as regulated by the current laws.

Cannabis flowers  above the limit of allowed active principle (THC) are considered to be medical products. As their prescription by a traditional Thai medical practioner may soon become necessary, and as product traceability is already a requirement, every flower used for human consumption (smoked or ingested) will need to be grown under specific safety standards.

These standards are dictated by GACP guidelines, and a GACP certification will be needed to sell legally on the market.


Cannabis GACP Certification

Our Organization provides consulting and advisory services for Cannabis GACP Certification in Thailand through a network of accredited experts in the legal and regulatory sectors.

You can choose between the below levels of assistance, according to your Cannabis cultivation site, your expertise in quality certifications and your budget.

Click on the links below to discover how we can support your GACP certification process.

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