GACP Turn-Key Certification

Turn-Key GACP Certification

Thai GACP Certification service provides you with a turn-key service for your cannabis plantation, assisting you through the project management, the factory setup, creation of all procedures and reports, as well as assisting you in your application and inspection by the Government Authority and Certification Body.

Our accredited experts will provide your project with a preliminary on-site visit, in-person sessions (according to  your needs), including our presence during the application and inspection process, with a detailed workflow that will be discussed with you.

You will have access to support provided through one-on-one sessions, so you will manage the process together with our experts to prepare your Company for the FDA inspection in order to receive the GACP Certificate, that will give you access to the entire medical, recreational and export cannabis markets.

You will be assigned an english-speaking expert that will follow you for the whole process.  To get started, click here to do the GACP self-assessment:

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