GACP Process Manual

GACP Do-It-Yourself Manual

All you need to know to go from seeds to sales

Thai GACP certifcation is a process based on guidelines issued by the Thai Government (Thai FDA – Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine), regarding the Cannabis & Hemp Act, B.E. 2566.

The guidelines dictate how you must prepare your cultivation area, how you will supply your materials (including land, soil, seeds and fertilizers), how you will handle the grow process safely and hygienically, and how you will handle your crop.

All stages must conform to the GACP guidelines as well as  current laws regarding imports of fertilizers and seeds, among others. 

Our Thai GACP Manual gives you all the necessary information to prepare your Company for the FDA inspection in order to receive a GACP Certificate, that will give you access to the medical and export markets. 

Purchasing this manual will give you a PDF as well as a dedicated meeting via zoom with our experts of up to one hour for any clarifications (max two sessions of 30 minutes each).

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